‘Battle of The Startups’ that was Demo Africa 2015 (Part 1)

Ready with my ticket for Demo Africa 2015

Demo Africa is a startup “Launchpad” helping techprenuers with a platform to be able to show their product to the world. This years edition held at pawa254 had one purpose, to give one ticket to the best start-up which will enable them compete with other startups in Abuja Nigeria for the big honors. The event which started at around 3 p.m featured 21 startups who pitched to the judges in private sessions before the judges chose the best 6 to pitch to the audience. The 6 startups that made the cut were Chip, ENT Mobile, Kuhustle, Balepoints, Shield and Briglobe.


T.Mwendwa of chippp making his pitch (photo credits kevin kamau)

The first startup to pitch introduced us to loyalty programme that uses NFC to reward points from smart card uses nationwide from the purchase of any type of goods from any store with only one Card. The CRM system is supported by an app and one only needs to connect an NFC Dongle to your Android. They plan to make money by subscriptions and add-ons on the back-end and target SMEs and the one million smart card subscribers in Kenya. The first 1000 users will get free NFC Tokens. For more check them out at http://chippp.com/


The online freelance platform that aims to connect freelancers with people who need jobs to be done especially in markets where services are expensive at considerably lower costs. Beverly Mbeke of Kuhustle on her pitch mentioned the site works as a model where you can post jobs and get bids to deliver it on time and budget. She mentioned that in doing so the startup will solve the grippling unemployment problem we have in Kenya. For more info check them out at https://www.kuhustle.com/

Beverly of kuhustle making her pitch. photo credits Kevin kamau
Beverly of kuhustle making her pitch. photo credits Kevin kamau

Bale Points

“How many people here drink?”  The first line of Limco’s Omar when he introduced Kenyans to Bale points a startup that aims to prevent drunk driving by offering free Taxi rides whenever you go out drinking. He summarised the startup in four lines “Go to a bale branded Bar”  “Drink” “Get points”  “Then get a free taxi home” . He further said that the startup which was the second loyalty rewards product of the day explained a business model where with each drink you take you will be able to accumulate points and get a ride home as per the amount of points you gained, with each drink (unit) representing 20 points. For more information check them out at http://www.balepoints.com/

Omar of Bale points (photo credits Kevin Kamau)


The winners of the night who presented their salary advance startup which plans to solve the tedious procedure for applying for salary advances which require you to fill many forms whilst the amount of money your applying for is around 2 or 3000 shillings. They also plan to reduce the interest rates on advances which range between 9 – 12 percent. Their product will largely be on USSD and they demonstrated to us by their code which they aim to make shorter by beggining of operation *384*422# as simple as that. For more information visit http://www.shield.co.ke/ Congratulations Shield.

Shield being presented with the prize. photo credits Kevin Kamau


The Last pitch was an exciting startup created and run by a group of young techpreneurs who saw the need to create a resume from indexing and ranking graduates according to their level of engagement with corporate organizations of interest across Social media. The startup mines data from Facebook,LinkedIn,Twitter,Google+,Personal blogs,Githubto create a Social CV that will enable organizations keep tabs on potential employees. Check them out http://www.briglobe.com/


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